B2b e-commerce, also known as business to business e-commerce, refers to online transactions that are carried out between two firms. These online B2B transactions are carried out via a B2b portal. The B2B portal works the same as an online store only that it solely deals with companies and not individuals. B2B portal and online stores are said to be similar and have similar roles since both offer their customers products and services to the company that owns them.

The plans of business to business e-commerce is continuously changing depending on how the transactions are carried out. B2B portals are categorized as the following:

  • Customer oriented

These portals are owned by a group of communities who have the interest in buying products and services and who are enthusiastic in supporting the buying process. The portals enable buyers to have access to some of the best prices from suppliers and to highly benefits from the low administration costs. Suppliers also get the chance to promote their catalogs to potential clients.

  • Supplier oriented

This kind of portal is mainly managed by vendors who are hoping to make online sales channels from prospective clients. The portals enlighten the suppliers on how the market is which helps them to get more potential customers. Buyers aren’t left out also. Buyers benefit from this portal in such a way that they are in a position to obtain meaningful information on suppliers and also they can search for the same type of product or services.

  • Independent

Independent portals are run by third parties who provide a similar business to business platform which is readily available for both buyers and suppliers. Members who are already registered to the portal can solicit bids, arrange auctions and display advertisements.

  • Vertical trade platforms

These portals increase efficiency in operations and lessen the logistics costs. They also connect particular sectors of specific companies.

  • Horizontal trade platforms

Portals of this nature connect buyers and suppliers from different companies all over the world. They can be compared to huge markets where people sell and buy products or services.

How does business to business(B2B) portal work?

In a business to business portal, the company which is supplying presents its services or products, together with the relevant prices, custom discounts, stocks and other necessary details for the sales process. The client company later evaluates the b2b portal, looks at the available orders and if by any chance the client company is interest they can make requests or orders.

Numerous times the company owning the B2b portal offers registration data to its clients and on other times allow the clients to create their accounts, and this allows all the customers to benefit from fully secured information which is related to their orders, personalized offers, and payments. The presented proposal may be changed depending on the user preferences of the user that is logged on the portal.

Currently, the B2b e-commerce has adopted numerous advantages from B2c. Hence a B2b portal can be as eye-catching as an online store including elements like promotions, coupons, discounts, online support and detailed product presentations.

Advantages offered by B2B portals

  • Increases customer loyalty, the b2b portal provides a secure and fast way of buying products and services.
  • Access to a sales and promotional channel, the b2b portal is available throughout and can be accessed from any place provided there is an internet connection.
  • Provides an easy way to present an infinite number of product characteristics.
  • Removes the cost of printing catalogs, the catalogs can be presented in an electronic format.



B2b e-commerce platform offers solutions to both sellers and buyers. The b2b portals enable firms to sell their products and services.  The portals provide fast and secure methods of purchasing products and services.

If you want to expand your knowledge in the following article we offer you the best tips to get the top free images for websites.


Three Golden Tips will get you the Best free images for websites



Every website owner knows that regardless of whether the site is a personal or professional one the design of it is everything. It will give whoever lands on it the first impression about your business or blog and the way that you design it will also speak volumes about now committed you are to running your business. Even when you are looking for free images for websites, you can’t just put any picture and you need to really think about what will fit your business the best, and that is something that a lot struggle with. To help you out, today we are actually going to give you three very useful tips that will help you choose the right free images for your own website, so make sure you keep reading.


Look for quality

This one is probably really obvious, but we still really feel the need to stress that looking for images that have a good quality is very important. When you are choosing the images, even though they are free they still need to be clear and not pixelated and preferably high resolution ones. Of course, at the end of the day the space that you have on your site and the layout that you have will determine the size of the images that you will be able to use on your site, but regardless of the size the quality still needs to be top notch because the last thing you want to do is leave the impression that you don’t care about quality on your site.


Look for emotions

When you are looking for free images for websites the whole point isn’t to just put some pictures that may look pretty, but it is also to look for images that will evoke emotions when people are looking at them. Apart from having a nice sentiment to them, these types of images are also the perfect helpers when it comes to kicking up the conversion rate of your website, and this is particularly important when you have an ecommerce website. Find images that connect to your brand that have faces on them and that evoke some kind of emotion because seeing a face will make people connect to your brand even more.


They need to be powerful

No matter what kind of images you have or what kind of look and feel you want to your website, the one thing that won’t change is the fact that you need to have images that are powerful. The photos need to be something that will make people want to read the stories or take a closer look at your brand and that is exactly what you want. When an image is powerful and raw they have the ability to hold the attention of the people looking at them and more than keeping their attention it also keeps them engaged in the content and makes them want to know even more about the products, the story or the brand. However, something that people make a mistake with is putting too many powerful images next to each other and that is definitely not something that you want to do. Just because you have good images it doesn’t mean that you can lack on the written content on your site, so you need to balance the images and the text out and make them complement each other.


Like we said above, just any image won’t do the job so you need to really know what to look for before you start searching. The right images will make a world of a difference to your website and these tips will help you make sure they’re the perfect free images for websites.




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