If you want to make the right e-commerce website builder comparison, there are certain features that you will need to focus on. Shopify is an example of an e-commerce platform that you could use as your main comparison point. That is because it has most of the futures that you will find in other platforms. When it comes to features, you need to understand that there some basic things that your e-commerce platform must have for it to support you’re your business correctly, and they include;


One of the most significant problems many e-commerce investors deal with is hackers. When you work with Shopify, you will enjoy free hosting services on their modified servers. One of the benefits of this is that your site security will be better thanks to the modified servers. When you have to find another hosting company as seen with other e-commerce platforms, you have to ensure that you get a host who has the right kind of servers. Additionally, you will want to invest extra on cyber-security.

The sad thing with hackers is that their actions usually scare off customers. Note that even your customers can be robbed through your website since there is a slight second when their smartcard and your site payment systems are connected. However, with the right platform, you can easily avoid such risks. You should also know that apart from money, hackers can be after other data like customer information. Remember that e-commerce platforms have electronic data storage systems that store customer information like the address.

Such information is better kept under high protection to avoid exposing your business and customers to risks. As a way of keeping hackers away, Shopify offers other security applications that you can use to have a better look at everything. It is essential for any e-commerce company to be fully prepared for cyber-attacks at any moment. Whether you have the most secure servers or not, backup is a must. These are some of the factors that most e-commerce entrepreneurs forget to ask about.


In the United Kingdom, a high number of online investors are people who have never been inside a software development class. However, with the help of software like Shopify, some of these people are doing better than some established e-commerce companies. It is important to know that a business is as good as the idea. However, having someone else bring that idea to reality may not be so satisfying. Shopify, on the other hand, offers the users the chance to develop an e-commerce platform with nothing but reading skills. That’s one of the reasons why it is prevalent in the UK.

If you intend to venture into e-commerce, you will need a platform that is easy to use. Remember that some platforms are sophisticated to the extent that you need to have professional web design skills to have your site up and running. Not only can this be extra costly but it takes away some of the details you had for your design. Shopify allows you to design your website using simple tools. Instead of coding, all you need to do is edit pre-designs and select the right color.


Since e-commerce is a flooded area, you need to be very careful before you purchase an e-commerce website builder. That is because there are high chances of someone easily dealing with a fraud. That is because most of these frauds put very low pricing in their fake e-commerce platforms. However, it is good to know that for you to get a good website builder for your website you have to have a reasonable budget in mind. You may want to avoid cheap platforms for more reasons than being a decoy.

If you have to go for a cheap e-commerce platform, you need to be very keen on its credibility and pay much attention to its features. You should, however, be ready to understand that you may be limited to enjoy some things that would make your business easier. For a more reasonable deal, you need to know that some e-commerce options offer different packages to clients. This can be a chance for you to begin your company with a low budget but a good e-commerce platform.

Comparing e-commerce platform prices is another way of landing a good deal. Remember that apart from Shopify, several other e-commerce platforms offer services at different rates. All that needs to be done is good research. Also, you might want to be watchful of other better deals. The competitive nature of the e-commerce industry has motivated the coming up of new e-commerce companies. Such new companies have good offers because they want to attract more users. You can always check out the features before buying first.

Customer service

Since many e-commerce entrepreneurs are not expert site builders, excellent customer care services come in handy. Remember that for platforms like Shopify to help people without e-commerce skills run successful e-commerce businesses; professional help is always near. One thing that most people don’t like has robots responding to their queries or having to look for solutions from a discussion forum. That is because most questions are direct and need straight forward answers. A 24/7 customer care service will come a long way to ensure that you have no issues with your website builder and in case you do, there is someone to help you through.


It is good to understand that an e-commerce website builder is the most vital factor to consider before you make any step. Remember that these platforms can adequately determine the future of your company. By comparing some of the essential features, you will find it easy to select a platform that bets work for you. If getting the right site builder is giving you a hard time, there are so many e-commerce companies to consult for free. One mistake that you should never do is to get into e-commerce without doing your homework. Remember that technology is sensitive and that is why it does not know mistakes.


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