Magento Enterprise vs Shopify Plus

Magento Enterprise has always been the prime choice for webstore owners who are looking for functionalities, ease of use, and extensibility – according to the demands of a growing business.

However, during the past few years, Magento started to lag. Security risks increased while the customization functions decreased and the lack of support from the customer service team resulted in many merchants migrating from the platform to Shopify Plus.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the key benefits of moving to Shopify Plus.


One of the biggest advantages of choosing Shopify over any other ecommerce service provider is the hosting. Shopify manages all the hosting for you and you don’t have to worry about any technicalities like site speed, infrastructure, and downtime. All you simply have to do is concentrate on growing your business.


Security is a high priority for web merchants. This is because many consumers make transactions through their platform and the risk of vulnerability can result in losing their customer.

On Shopify Plus, all webstores are PCI-compliant. This certifies that the organization is at par with security standards that are set for online payments.


In its initial days, Magento Enterprise boasts several customization capabilities that allowed storeowners to create shops according to their unique brand.

However, ‘enter’ Shopify who made all the customization possibilities easier – even for those who have limited technical knowledge whereas the advanced customization options are limited to those who have advanced programming skills.


Scalability is another concern of Enterprise-based merchants. They want to ensure that the platform they choose grows with their business without any glitches.

While both – Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise offer full scalability capabilities, Shopify Plus offers unlimited APIs that allow you to grow at your full potential.


Last but not the least, is the community support. Shopify Plus boasts a very extensive community that is readily available to discuss new strategies, designs and apps relevant to the platform. These discussions are helpful in understanding more about the platform you choose and make better choices regarding your business as well.

Is it time to say Bye?

Yes, the migration may sound like a daunting process. But when you look at the benefits Shopify Plus offers over Magento, you will not hesitate. Get started with your migration or re-platforming strategy today and build your store on a reliable, secure, and more customizable platform.


Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus

Big Commerce and Shopify Plus are both leading platforms when it comes to enterprise ecommerce software. They are both recognized and offer responsive designs, a simple user interface, and a very proactive support community. Both platforms are also ideal for coping with the demands of growing businesses.

In this guide, let’s make a quick enterprise ecommerce comparison between the two.

User Interface

The menu dashboard of both – Shopify Plus and Big Commerce Enterprise are similar to their basic counterparts. Both are quite user-friendly and most users can get started with building their online webstore within minutes.

Moreover, both the companies provide free trial, allowing the users to access the features before committing to a financial obligation.


Both the Shopify Plus and Big Commerce Enterprise are synonymous when it comes to features. They are both known to exhibit minimum occurrence of downtime, making it convenient for users to carry on their business activities without any glitches.

They are also scalable, allowing the website to grow along with the business. Moreover, both the ecommerce platforms offer multichannel selling capabilities to maximize revenue.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness and optimization is critical to today’s digital era. This is why both the platforms offer complete mobile responsiveness, making the websites easily accessible on any device.


Shopify Plus members have access to over 1000 apps that can be integrated with the ecommerce solution. These apps are available on the Shopify Apps Store and make marketing, shipping, accounting, and organization easy and less time-consuming.

Big Commerce Enterprise runs on open source documentation giving developers the privilege to use unlimited API calls. However, the app database of Big Commerce contains limited but helpful apps. The ecommerce platform is also equipped with Alvara and Shipper HQ that makes it easy to leverage large, enterprise-level business.


Pricing is the biggest determining factor when it comes to selecting between the top enterprise ecommerce platforms. As we mentioned above, both the services offer free trial. Their pricing is also competitive with Shopify Plus plans starting from $1200 per month and Big Commerce offering standard features on a monthly basis at $900.

These were just some of the prominent features that make Shopify Plus and Big Commerce distinguishable. They equally fit the requirement of today’s business model and are easily scalable when it comes to their growing demands.

Ready to migrate to the best ecommerce platform?

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