The best platforms to realize your multichannel strategies

So, you have decided that your business should be present on more than one sales channel. That’s a great idea and you can tell that by checking the current trends on the market. It seems that more and more businesses around the globe are using the chance to present their products to more potential clients in this way. If you are building multichannel strategies for this purpose, you should know that there are a few eCommerce platforms that can help you realize them without any hassles.


First and foremost, we have Shopify on this list. This is one of the most popular brands in the field of eCommerce. Thousands of eCommerce websites are powered by this solution. This is a cloud-based solution which integrates quite well with other solutions. It’s also worth mentioning that Shopify supports multiple types of payment. You can also count on this solution when you need eCommerce features that can help you with your online business. Shopify has a few different paid plans in their offer. In case you are looking for great functionality and you can afford low monthly fees for their packages, Shopify is a great addition to any multichannel strategy.


This is a popular, simple, yet effective custom site builder. You don’t need special technical knowledge or experience to create and manage a website with Squarespace. The best part is that this specific solution provides a wide array of customization options. There’s no doubt that it’s easy to use Squarespace. If you choose Squarespace you will host all your products in the cloud.


Any multichannel strategy can benefit from Volusion which is another successful eCommerce platform. This is one of the solutions that provide the most for the money you’ll pay. There is a long list of features available on this platform and we are sure that most people will find these features useful. Volusion includes an SSL certificate and provides support for multiple selling channels including eBay and Amazon.


The last option we will suggest here is BigCommerce, another very popular option on the market. You should expect to find all the popular eCommerce features on this platform. It supports the most popular payment options and has decent fees. What every user should know is that in order to unleash the true power of this platform you will have to use the help of a professional coder.

How to Choose The Right eCommerce Platform

Why using Shopify plus instead will boost your sales?

E-commerce businesses have changed the world. They have dominated the online marketplace with their potential and popularity. Instead of traveling to regular traditional brick-and-mortar stores, online stores have made it possible for people to access stores from all around the world from the comfort of their own home. People nowadays are used to getting everything done through a click or tap. From online shopping to online banking, everything is done within seconds. E-commerce platforms have made everything accessible to everyone belonging to any part of the world.  These E-commerce businesses have opened up new doors of opportunities for customers and entrepreneurs globally.

 Almost every business has thought about expanding further globally, and the easiest way to do this is by launching an online store first.  Reaching people beyond borders will definitely help your business grow, but that can only happen if you choose the right e-commerce platform first. There are so many platforms available that finding the right one can turn into a big challenge. There is no doubt that BigCommerce and Shopify plus are the leading platforms currently. These two are the most powerful and most effective platforms when it comes to global expansion. Although they both have the same objectives and goals, they’re quite different in terms of features and functionality.

The first question that any online store is concerned about is whether this specific platform will help them generate greater sales or not? Shopify plus is the oldest and the most reliable platform used by millions. Bigcommerce, on the other hand, is relatively new and provides greater functionality.

  • Pricing

Shopify plus comes at a great price considering you don’t have to pay for any additional charges for customized features. Price plays an important factor in choosing a platform. Even though BigCommerce is relatively less expensive, but you will eventually have to pay for the features. 

  • Multi-channel feature

Shopify plus allows its customers to enjoy their multi-channel selling feature. From a single interface, you can now use 20 different channels to boost your sales. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some ways you can highlight your business through. Not only does this allow your business to reach people faster, but it also helps your business grow immensely, which in return, boost sales.

  • Shopify store

Shopify plus has its own store with thousands of apps. The Shopify plus platform also mobile optimized, unlike BigCommerce. When customers can access the site from their phones, PC’s and tablets, only then your business can reach people beyond borders. This feature is really important as it definitely helps your customers visit your site again and again, which helps in generating greater sales.

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