If you use Google to search for “Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise”, you will get thousands of results. Of course, not all of these links are dedicated to the comparison of these two platforms, but nevertheless, this is an indicator of the popularity of these enterprise-level eCommerce platforms. If you’ve decided to use a platform like this, but you don’t know which one is better, keep reading because we will highlight a few characteristics of these options that should help you.

Compatibility with physical stores

More and more business owners are moving to the online market, but this doesn’t mean that physical stores are going to history. So, if you are planning an offline presence, you should check the compatibility of these two options. The good thing is that Magento Enterprise and Shopify Plus come with POS (Point of Sale) integrations. Some of these integrations are native while others require downloading of third-party apps. In addition, we should mention that Shopify has introduced in-store hardware solutions not while ago.

Handling multiple stores

For many years, Magento Enterprise was known as a platform that provides perfect multistore management. However, in the last couple of years, Shopify Plus has also invested a lot in this field and they are offering this kind of support too. Of course, Shopify Plus still needs time to provide all the functionalities that can be found on Magento Enterprise.

Flexibility and customization

Magento Enterprise comes with an excellent level of customization and flexibility. You can turn your online store into a store that you have dreamed off, but this option comes with a few downsides. The most common problem here is that customization through Magento Enterprise requires tech knowledge and skills. You can’t do this without coding and programming.

Shopify Plus comes with a user-friendly interface. Of course, there might be a few things that you will have to learn, but you can do this right away and without any hassles. Even though this option is not very flexible and it doesn’t support native customization, it has a wide range of applications that can help you.

Customer support and maintenance

With Shopify Plus, you will get 24/7 customer support. They also have specialists in specific areas that can help you right away. Magento Enterprise is a slightly older solution which is why they have a larger community that can help users.

The Right eCommerce Platform

Examples of Top 10 Australian Stores Making the Move to Shopify

Shopify Plus is an enterprise version of ecommerce platform Shopify. Shopify Plus is one of the best solutions on the market suitable for enterprises, large businesses, and high-volume sellers.

A large number of enterprise-level brands are making the switch from Magento to Plus.


Well, it is simple – Shopify Plus allows online retailers and businesses to refocus their human capital and budgets away from expensive infrastructure and development and onto more vital matters such as social influence, customer engagement, data-guided marketing, strategy, and etc.

It is really great to see a big number of Australian retailers making the move to Plus enterprise ecommerce solution.

We would like to share the 10 best Shopify Plus stores in Australia:

  1. Barbas & Zacari: A very popular watch brand, established by two designers from Melbourne, Australia. The minimalist style offers simplicity and unique beauty that will sure to impress you.
  2. Rock Your Baby: Since the establishment in 2003, Rock Your Baby store has designed high-quality fashion clothing for kids and babies.
  3. Cultiver: One of the most popular stores in Australia for furniture and home decor. All of their items are designed to give enjoyment and comfort and are styled to provide Australian ease, as well as, effortless look.
  4. Pop Smile: Formulated with high-quality ingredients, Pop Smile products give you impressive teeth whitening results.
  5. Budgy Smuggler: Another successful Australian-based brand. Budgy Smuggler is a swimwear brand, selling swimwear for both men and women. After a decade of running their business in Australia, they decided to expand in Europe and the UK.
  6. Sarah & Sebastian: A luxury jewelry brand known for handcrafted and high-quality jewelry. Unique details and designs are added in the multi-disciplinary process of creating necklaces, bracelets, and etc. for both men and women.
  7. Your Tea: Your Tea is an online store that creates and sells tea blends for modern health. Created by TCM doctors and experts, the herbal ingredients are 100% natural and have been restoring vitality, harmony, and balance for decades.
  8. MLM Label: An Australian-based clothing store selling dresses, jackets, accessories, and much more.
  9. MAAP: MAAP company exists for the progression and improvement of cycling. Established in 2014, MAAP is an independent brand committed to introducing a new perspective on cycling apparel.
  10. Sunday Somewhere: A very popular brand for sunglasses. Incredible designs, great prices, and a lot of high-quality products to choose from.

Inspired yet?

Check out these great Shopify Plus stores and find your inspiration to create your own successful brand.


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