Why is Shopify b2b platform known as one of the top choices in the USA? Here are some important things you didn’t know about Shopify B2B solution!


It doesn’t matter if you are planning to start a b2b business or if you are taking your current ecommerce and converting it into a business-to-business ecommerce, choosing the right platform for it is absolutely necessary. The right platform can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the speed and efficiency with which the ecommerce runs. What are we trying to say is that it is definitely worth it to spend some time, compare, do some research, and find the ideal solution.

If you have analyzed even a little bit, you have probably heard about Shopify. Shopify is the best option when it comes to b2b ecommerce solutions.

Using Shopify b2b platform means that you will get a professionally and beautifully designed storefront thanks to the amazing templates (free and premium). Shopify has a great App Store that servers perfect for any ecommerce business owner. The App Store has over 1500 applications and each app serves a different purpose. Shopify is a great ecommerce solution for beginners because of the simple admin panel.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Shopify b2b solution is the fact that you will be charged a certain fee for each sale that you make. These expenses can be significantly lowered if you decide to use Shopify Payments, however, if you don’t then you will have to pay the fee. Another downside is that you may face a problem with the underlying code. If you don’t have the underlying code, you won’t be able to make any changes, If you don’t consider yourself as a tech-savvy person, this may be a huge problem for you.

It is true that Shopify offers a lot of great themes, however, they don’t include micro-data which means that the data on your b2b ecommerce site won’t be structured for Google and other search engines.


Every b2b ecommerce solution has its own pros and cons and it is a good thing to be familiar with them so you can decide what is the best option for your business. The Shopify b2b ecommerce solution is one of the top choices and while it has some drawbacks, we strongly believe that the benefits outweigh those.



How Food & Drink Businesses Can Benefit from Shopify B2B


Shopify Plus – one of the best ecommerce solutions on the market! Read and find out how food and drink businesses can benefit from Shopify B2B!

 The food and drink businesses face unique challenges and opportunities every day. If you are running such business you know that managing a high-growth food or drink store can be difficult. Luckily, we have Shopify Plus – one of the best ecommerce solutions with enterprise features on the market.

In this article, we will discuss how food & drink businesses can all benefit from Shopify b2b:


  • You can plan, schedule, and execute promotions – We can all agree that planning and launching sales can be a time-consuming process. From designing a new web page to editing product pages, the time it takes to implement a sale for your business cuts into the time and energy you should be spending selling and focusing on running your business. With Shopify Plus b2b solution, the process is simplified. You can set a schedule and have the promotion launch automatically.
  • Widen your reach – Even though there is an immense growth in the popularity of food and drink ecommerce businesses, wholesale is an incredible opportunity to widen your food and drink business’ reach. Now, with the new Shopify Plus Wholesale channel, you can manage b2c and b2b stores from one dashboard, you can set separate pricing, collections, and availability for each, and much more. Launching a b2b or business-to-business operation for your food and drink business is now simple and quick. This is a chance for you to combine a straight consumer approach with a traditional wholesaling strategy.
  • Speed up the process – When it comes to food and drink stores, the customers expect speed at a different stage of integration – from in-store experience to shipping and delivery. Now, it is easy with Shopify Plus Flow. You can introduce automation into the store’s process and decrease the time spent on unnecessary or repetitive tasks. What are we trying to say is that you can process orders faster and at a lower cost, getting your items in the hands of your buyers as quickly as possible.


With Shopify b2b solution, your food and drink business can maximize efficiency, prepare amazing promotions, and speed up the process of ordering and delivering. The advanced features such as custom discounting, automation, and sale management can help to convert your visitors into buyers and lift your brand to the next stage.


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