So, you have finally managed to take your business on another level – you are selling more products than ever and/or maybe you’ve added more products in your offer. In cases like this, it’s very likely that your current basic platform won’t be able to meet your needs and expectations and you will need an enterprise-level platform. Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise is a frequently searched term on Google and other popular search engines because these two platforms have proven to be helpful.

If you are in a situation like this and you are not sure which option is the best check this head-to-head review that we’ve prepared for you.


Shopify Plus comes with a few SEO features that can help users with basic SEO activities including visual media optimization and meta fields editing. The thing that’s missing here is tools that can help website owners manage the technical side of Search Engine Optimization.

This is something that Magento Enterprise has, but in order to use the benefits of these SEO features, you will have to spend some time coding and programming.

Data analytics and reports

Both Magento Enterprise and Shopify Plus let users analyze the finest data related to their site performance. This is very important for those who are running an enterprise-level organization that keeps growing. With the help of the analytic tools and reporting features, you can make better decisions. Remember that you can improve reporting and analytics in your Shopify Plus-powered site by using third-party applications.

Customization, flexibility, and ease of use

Most experts agree that Shopify Plus is very easy to use. This is a hosted solution that leaves users with almost no work when it comes to developing a website. However, this also means that the customization options are somewhat limited. On the other hand, if you are using Magento Enterprise, you will have more options for customization, but in order to use these opportunities, you will need solid tech knowledge.

Management of multiple stores

Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise allow users to manage multiple stores from one place. The main difference is that Magento Enterprise has this as one of their native features. If you want to use Shopify Plus to manage multiple stores you will have to rely on third-party applications and integrations.

Without any doubt, Magento Enterprise and Shopify Plus are great enterprise eCommerce platforms, but in the recent period, more people are opting for Shopify Plus.

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How to migrate from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus in a simple and easy way?

While it’s true that there are many eCommerce platforms focused on enterprise-level users out there, it’s also true that two of them stand out. These two platforms include Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise. Magento Enterprise has a little bit longer history and that’s one of the reasons why there are more businesses that use this platform. However, thanks to the features available at Shopify Plus, more and more people are looking for an answer to one simple question – how to migrate from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus?

The good news is that Shopify Plus offers all online retailers who want to migrate from Magento Enterprise access to a wide array of resources and tools. In this way, you can migrate to this platform without any hassles. As a Shopify Plus user, you can get in touch with their specialists that will guide you through this process.

Before you start this process, you must consider your current website appearance. This is a good time to redesign your site or add some changes. Remember that Shopify Plus provides a good level of customization. You can choose from many different high-quality, modern themes.

Next, when you are moving from one eCommerce platform to another, you have to think about existing data. So, data migration is one of the crucial things that must be analyzed before making such a move. Luckily, the guys from Shopify Plus have made this data migration easier and simpler than ever. Users are encouraged to use integrations and applications focused on this activity. This is where their specialists come into play too. Namely, you can rely on their Launch Engineers that will help you choose the right tools for this activity.

Additionally, you will get a chance to use apps like Transporter for example. This is actually a sophisticated command line tool that you can use to speed up the import of data. Excelify is another useful app in situations like this.

Lastly, during this process, you should take care of SEO. Once again, you can count on their specialists who will work closely with you and suggest the best applications that you can use to keep your SEO level.

Before you move to Shopify Plus, make a good plan. This process is not very complex and the benefits that your business will witness are amazing. In other words, a migration like this is worth it.


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