The B2B e-commerce platforms have given businesses an avenue to grow their companies by streamlining their processes.  With platforms like Shopify Plus, you can get to customize your e-commerce platform as you wish.  You will find many themes to choose from; it is easy to use.

You do not even require you to be tech-savvy to enjoy the functionality.

 There are specific trends in B2B Commerce that a business needs to be aware of, to use them to their advantage.  These include:

· Younger Demographic Among Buyers

Industry reports show that B2B buyers are leaning towards a more youthful, more sophisticated, tech-savvy demographic.  Fulfilling the needs of such buyers is very important because they expect convenience and ease-of-use every time they come to your platform. They have unique purchasing preferences and not taking care of their specific needs will result in enormous losses for the business.

· Mobile Platforms

The mobile platforms have taken the commerce scene by storm.  More than 40% of B2B customers use their mobile devices when purchasing.  You get convenience because you can use it anywhere and anytime.  The customers are also able to achieve many different purchasing aspects like price comparison, viewing of product features, among others.  A business owner can, therefore, not afford to ignore these platforms if they hope to scale their business.

· Personalization of Certain Features

Companies are investing in technology, which allows them to personalize their services depending on the customer’s there targeting.  One such area that has benefited from this is the use of algorithms to determine the price.  With the ability to give customers dynamic pricing, you can push more products and services to your target consumers. 

You get to choose who benefits from specific pricing without the other customers being privy to the information. Personalization will also target the communication is sent out to your customers.  You better understand their needs, and can therefore only send to them what is essential.  In this way, any promotions or marketing campaigns will have a more significant impact.

· Key Tips to Scale on Customers

The first step to growing your B2B e-commerce platform is to choose the right one for your business. Picking the right platform is something that you should not rush.  It is a long-term investment and will allow you to scale your business in the future. 

There are specific considerations you need to put in place if you hope to see your customer base grow.  Will explore some of this in a little more detail below. 

1. Is It Functional?

Clients on the B2B platforms have a lot of demands, and whichever platform you choose must be able to meet these needs.  You need to factor aspects such as budget availability, recurring orders, mass purchases, longer buying Cycles, among others.

2. Is the Design Responsive

A winning e-commerce platform is one that is easy to use and is very responsive.  A customer should get the same level of responsiveness when using a laptop and a smart device.  Make sure you optimize for mobile as many customers do not have time to sit in front of a computer to make their orders.

3. Does It Offer Self-Service

You will realize greater efficiency in your business if customers can take care of some of the things themselves.  A platform that offers self-service is, therefore, an excellent option. Make sure your customers can access things such as quote approvals, shipping information, account management, order tracking, among others on their own.  You reduce the waiting time, and a customer can transact at any time of the day or night.

4. Do You Offer Many Payment Options?

Avail as many different payment options as you possibly can to your B2B customers.  You should also give flexibility about partial payments, handling of several invoices, among others.  Efficiency is critical when it comes to making and collecting payments.

5. Management of the Product Catalogs

A product catalog is crucial when it comes to business-to-business transactions. You may be dealing with so many products from so many different suppliers which could disorganize you.  A good e-commerce platform should be able to streamline the management of the data for the product listings on your online store.

6. Do You Have Pricing Options?

In B2B Commerce, you may need to offer specific clients different pricing from the others.  A good platform should give you the ability to list prices depending on the client you are working with.  Further, you should be able to run targeted promotions without all your other clients being privy to what you are doing.

Best Ecommerce Platform Options


The whole purpose of using an e-commerce platform is to grow your business by bringing on more clients onto your portfolio.  The only way you can hope to achieve this is by providing an efficient, user-friendly portal.  Everyone, including B2B or B2C clientele, likes convenience. Your platform should be responsive, should help you with the supply management processes, among other functionalities. 

The savvy businessman knows that he should always keep up with what is happening in the marketplace.  By adapting to the market changes, you will be able to satisfy your customers better.  Always keep your ear on the ground because of the ever-changing customer needs, and the rapidly evolving technology.

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